China finds new ways to pressure Trump amid trade impasse

(CNN)The Chinese government is ramping up efforts to apply pressure on the United States beyond imposing punitive economic measures as trade negotiations between the two countries remain deadlocked.Beijing has advised its citizens in recent days not to visit or study in the United States, potentially hitting universities and tourist destinations, and it admonished remarks this… [...]

Trump removes India from special trade status

Washington (CNN)The Trump administration announced Friday that it’s ending special trade treatment for India, removing a status that exempts billions of dollars of the country’s products from US tariffs.”I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets,” President Donald Trump said in… [...]

Americans have turned against Trump on trade

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s trade wars may be something he believes in, but it doesn’t seem to be a political winner. Unlike many issues on which Trump has seesawed on over the years, Trump has been generally consistent in his protectionist stance on trade. He seemed to use that to his advantage in the 2016 election,… [...]