Huawei sues US over government ban on its products

Chinese company files lawsuit claiming restriction is unlawful, harms consumers and violates constitution China’s Huawei claims the ban on US agencies using its products violates the constitution. Photograph: Dado Ruvić/Reuters Huawei is suing the US over a government ban on its products, raising the stakes in a protracted diplomatic incident between China, the US and… [...]

Huawei sues the US government

Huawei has confirmed it will launch a lawsuit against the United States government over its decision to ban the Chinese telco from government contracts.In a media conference in Shenzhen, China, the telco giant’s rotating chairman Guo Ping said Huawei had filed a lawsuit against the US government on the grounds that a ban on its… [...]

£33m Eurotunnel payout not recoverable, government confirms

Details of out-of-court settlement reveals three £11m payments due whatever Brexit outcome Eurotunnel sued the government for allegedly breaching procurement rules with its award of ferry contracts. Photograph: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters The government has revealed details of its £33m payout to Eurotunnel, confirming it will hand over three instalments of £11m over the next three years.… [...]

China’s Huawei Fights Back, Plans to Sue ‘Hypocritical’ US Government

China’s Huawei Fights Back, Plans to Sue ‘Hypocritical’ US Government Huawei is pushing back against the US government after the latter banned federal agencies from using the company’s products. | Source: ShutterstockLeading Chinese electronics and cell-phone manufacturer Huawei is reportedly preparing to sue the government of the United States of America over the latest development… [...]