Parliament blows up May’s Brexit strategy

Observers worry that the EU will try to dictate what kind of Brexit Britain must pursue, or will demand a second referendum as the price of delay.Alternatively, individual countries might seek to add riders – such as Spain wanting to raise the issue of Gibraltar. This could prevent EU leaders agreeing, and could also make… [...]

British MPs set to reject no-deal Brexit

As parliamentarians continued to wrestle with the Brexit impasse, the government’s arm’s-length Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) cut its 2019 growth forecast for the British economy from 1.6 per cent to 1.2 per cent.The OBR said Brexit uncertainty had crimped business investment, while global tensions had weighed on trade. But the pace of growth is… [...]

Theresa May’s nightmare on Brexit Street

May might well have yet another crack at shifting opinion – relying on the ever-louder ticking of the countdown clock to Brexit day, March 29 . But Parliament’s resistance to her plan now seems thoroughly entrenched.So the second option is the economically disruptive no-deal Brexit. It’s the legislated default, so it could easily happen. Two-thirds of Conservative… [...]

British MPs reject Brexit plan

Fewer than 24 hours after Mrs May had secured from the European Union concessions that she’d hoped would swing the vote in her favour, her plan was hobbled by advice from Attorney-General Geoffrey Cox that she hadn’t substantive changes to the ‘backstop’ protocol.”I profoundly regret the decision this House has taken tonight,” Mrs May said… [...]