Westpac finally waves the wealth white flag

David Lindberg moves across from running the business bank to running the consumer bank in Frazis’ wake. He has likely also moved even more squarely into the running to be Hartzer’s eventual successor.Current commercial lending boss Alastair Welsh will be acting head of the business bank, while a global executive search is conducted for Lindberg’s… [...]

Inside the scandal that rocked GAM

At the heart of the crisis is a dispute within the ARBF team over the nature of Mr Haywood’s relationship with an Australian financier and an Indian-born steel magnate, for whose projects he provided hundreds of millions of dollars of financing.Sanjeev Gupta in South Australia last year. His relationship with Tim Haywood was problematic for… [...]

How I learnt to love running in my 50s

Online, I kept seeing articles about the benefits of exercise; if it were an over-the-counter drug, one doctor said, everyone would buy it. And then there was an app: Couch25K (that’s “couch to 5K”), a program that led you from Square 1 to running five kilometres in just eight weeks, which two members of my extended… [...]

Donald Trump’s 2020 secret sauce

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump isn’t in a great place to win a second term in 2020.His overall job approval rating has hovered in the low 40s — and even upper 30s — for the entirety of his first two years in office. Polling in critical swing states in the Midwest and Sun Belt suggests his… [...]