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Michael Cohen tells Congress that Jay Sekulow knew Cohen’s testimony on Trump Tower was false

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen alleges that the President’s attorney Jay Sekulow knew that Cohen’s claim to Congress that the Trump Tower Moscow project ended in January 2016 was false, Cohen told the House Intelligence Committee in March. The claim comes from a transcript of the roughly 15 hours of closed-door testimony… [...]

Why Don McGahn needs to testify

Washington (CNN)On Monday afternoon, as expected, the White House blocked former White House counsel Don McGahn from testifying on Capitol Hill about his time working for President Donald Trump — and what he told special counsel Robert Mueller about it.That development was lumped in with a series of other moves by the White House to… [...]

F*ck Bitcoin: ‘Expert’ Says Startups Should Go All-In on Blockchain

F*ck Bitcoin: ‘Expert’ Says Startups Should Go All-In on Blockchain Startup expert Bernhard Schroeder argues that investors and businesses should ignore the Bitcoin hype and go all-in on blockchain technology. | Source: ShutterstockBy CCN: Bernhard Schroeder, an educational director of entrepreneur programs at San Diego State, implores entrepreneurs and investors to focus on the blockchain,… [...]