A journalist’s murder has brought a moment of unity that Northern Ireland must seize

Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland (CNN)It could have been different.The world could have awoken this Good Friday indifferent to the simmering violence in Northern Ireland, indifferent to the stalled politics and shuttered chambers of its power-sharing assembly at Stormont.But on the eve of the 21st anniversary of the eponymous Good Friday agreement that was intended to end… [...]

She dedicated herself to covering Northern Ireland. Murdered investigative journalist ‘tirelessly pursued the truth’

(CNN)Lyra McKee, the young investigative journalist shot dead during violence in Northern Ireland on Thursday, had been widely viewed as a rising star within the industry.McKee’s reporting and writing, inextricably linked to the volatile period of history in which she grew up, had led to international recognition and a high-profile book deal. “McKee’s passion is… [...]